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  • Sara Hamilton

Watch the Dominoes Fall into Place

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Starting your project by Choosing the Best Custom Wooden Box Manufacturer ensures that all of the dominoes fall into the right place. With the Almar Wooden Box Company our Signature Premium Custom Wooden Box Designs with Amazing Interior Options and Finishes perfectly reinforces your Unique Brand Quality. We have been designing and custom building our wooden boxes since 1976 to any style, finishes & stains, hardware and custom options as needed to bring your vision into reality. Every client and recipient that receives our Quality, Presentation Boxes feel appreciated and valued. One of the amazing added values is that our wood boxes remain in view well into the future.

The Almar Wooden Box Company offers Elegant Designs and Beautifully Crafted Custom Wooden Presentation Boxes for Long Term Branding Solutions.

Promotional Executive Wooden Box

We are proud to manufacture our custom wood presentation boxes and custom wooden crates in the United States and Canada.


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