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About our Company

About us

The Almar Wooden Box Company has been designing and manufacturing totally Custom Wooden Boxes and Wooden Crates since 1976.

Our Team thrives on the design challenges that our clients bring for us to create the perfect wooden presentation box that showcases their product and brand image.

Custom wood presentation boxes
Almar Wooden Box Company Wood Box Manufacturer

Our Vision

Our Design Team thrives on the challenges that our clients bring to us to create their Perfect Presentation Gift Box that highlights the quality of their product and brand.

We proudly maintain production facilities in both the United States and Canada.


Research and Feedback from our clients tell us that our custom wooden boxes are kept and put to many uses once your product has been used & enjoyed.

Wooden Boxes & Wooden Crates have a long history of being sustainable, reusable and creatively repurposed by those receiving them.

Sustainable Wood Boxes
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