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Custom Medallion Wooden Boxes

Our Bespoke Medallion & Coin Wooden Display are custom designed and fabricated to be the perfect backdrop for your gorgeous Custom Medallions and Custom Coins.  Whether you select our hand-wrapped display easel, wooden display insert or any other options, you can be confident that Almar Wooden Box Company is up for the challenge.

Executive Boxes

Medallion / Coin Boxes

Our Wooden Medallion & Coin Display Boxes are designed to ShowCase your own Unique Medallion or Coin. 


Choose your style, stain color and Display Easel with hand-wrapped or wooden easel to highlight your creative show piece.  Remember we can also design & supply your medallion or coin.

We work with a variety of woods, interior design materials to ensure quality and top workmanship. Our bespoke medallion & coin boxes provide luxurious and lasting display cases making your presentation box a gift for a lifetime.

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