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Custom Wooden Crates & Slider-top Boxes

Our Creative & Manufacturing Team design and build the widest portfolio of wooden crates, wood growlers and slider-top boxes. 

Executive Boxes

Wood Crates & Slide tops

Almar Wooden Box designs & builds your wood crates to the style, size, construction & look needed for your creative vision.


Our Custom Wood Crates whether in Antique Style, Slider-top, hinged or lift off are designed to be the gift that lasts. Available in Natural or Stained.

Minimum Order 100 units.

We provide vintage style antique crates, beer crates, wood trays / no lids, lift off lids, and slide-top lids in both natural and stained finishes. Exceptionally crafted our wood boxes are durable, eco-friendly and reusable keeping your logo and message branding into the future.

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