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  • Sara Hamilton

Our Wood Boxes are the eco-conscious choice

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The Almar Wooden Box Company has a passion for our clients, our community and our environment. We always manufacture our Wooden Boxes for the highest quality and craftsmanship.

As our boxes are well designed and crafted they always remain into the future and are reused, repurposed making them a part of the renewable and sustainable sources based on eco-conscious consumption choices.

Our manufacturing team actively choose to purchase our wood that is ethically sourced and from suppliers that practice sustainable forestry processes and are FSC Certified. Recognizing that we are co-dependent on our environment we are interested in continuing to innovate and streamline our manufacturing and strategic processes for a cleaner, greener environment.

In addition we are proud that our domestically made Executive Wooden Boxes and Wooden Crates create and maintain quality jobs in a resource based product and industry.

Custom Wood Boxes built from sustainable forests

Proudly manufacturing our custom wood Presentation Boxes and Custom Wooden Crates in the USA and Canada.


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