WM-3207-2 Elegant Presentation Box

WM-3207-2 Elegant Presentation Box

Custom Made Presenation Wood Box

We adore a challenge and enjoyed creating the perfect wooden presentation box for this conductors baton that is designed for maximum impact. Each box is made to perfectly reflect your style, image and product.

We manufacture our boxes to style, size and custom interiors for every unique project - so bring us your vision, creative ideas and projects.

Additional Options

As custom manufacturer of wooden boxes changes in box dimensions, box design, stain, custom foam & inserts and other options available.

Made in USA & Canada

Almar Wooden Box proudly manufacturing custom wooden boxes in the USA & Canada since 1976.

Contact Us to discuss your current project details - we're happy to help.

Our specialty, strength and creativity is custom manufacturing of presentation wood boxes and wooden cases.

We are dedicated to turning your concepts and ideas into reality.